Christina Dyer has led a rich and varied life traveling independently to over 25 countries around the world, exploring and photographing various cultures from the Masai tribes of Kenya to the people of Kathmandu, Nepal. Christina brings her education, diverse career experiences and her passion for life’s adventures to her work, inspiring others to live a creative, full and fantastic life.



To remain competitive and relevant in this rapidly evolving world, change is necessary.


Having the opportunity to lead people and impact the day-to-day of their lives is an opportunity


Everyday, your business faces multiple challenges. You think your team is well equipped to not only


  • The value of working with Christina is in the partnership that is created with her, in an effort to enhance both of our benchmarks for success. Christina is extremely intelligent and has the unique ability to relate to a great many diverse populations. Her goal is  oriented to help others achieve success.  It is evident that she is driven to personally achieve, by her own high standard ...

    Marne Fauser, Director of Development

    Springfield, IL

  • I came to know Christina Dyer during the period 2008-09, in which Paul Rusesabagina and I frequently traveled together to speak on the issues of dictatorship, cruelty, and authoritarian government in Rwanda, where he had boldly and heroically protected his 1,260 hotel guests, and in which time I was serving as US Ambassador to Burundi, a neighboring country also experiencing horrific violence. Chr ...

    Robert Krueger, US Congressman, US Senator, US Ambassador (Retired)

    Ambassador to Burundi and Botswana

  • What makes Christina truly remarkable is the common language and concern she brings to facilitating change. Since she sees people as both unique entities and parts of systems, she is able to bring a very wide focus to personal experience and to facilitate change joining, reframing and creating options...I have seen her take leadership positions with great competence and effectiveness, and I have s ...

    Dr. James Bitter, Ed.D

    East Tennessee State University
    Johnson City, TN

  • I have known Christina personally and professionally for over 15 years. Personally, I can say that Christina has the unique ability to inspire others to reach outside of their “comfort zone” and develop new skills as a leader, as a manager, or as a friend. She is dedicated to the development of purpose-driven leadership and once you know her, you will quickly learn how her personal and prof ...

    Janelle Reents, President

    Monicals Pizza Corporation
    Bourbonnais, IL

  • Christina’s work always combines tremendous warmth and care with creative problem solving. While helping leaders in both the for profit and nonprofit sectors, she always has a laser-like focus on peoples’ improvement, both personally and professionally.

    Al Ritter, President

    Ritter Consulting Group
    Chicago, IL

  • Christina has a powerful and authentic persona that plays out in a dynamism that gets results.  She will deliver what she promises with professionalism and style...

    Joni Leigh, Prevention Program Director

    Chestnut Health Systems
    Joliet, IL

  • Christina Dyer has the uncanny ability to gently persuade people to improve their own lives.  She encourages others to believe in themselves, and therefore improves the circumstances of anyone that they touch.  By her own example, she is able to lead others in creating an environment of accomplishment, positive morale, and initiative.  She inspires those around her to take the necessary actions ...

    Paul Rusesabagina

    Founder and President
    Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation

  • You will seldom meet a consultant with such a rare combination of business pragmatism and involvement in humanitarian causes. She is bright, witty, and focused on improvement from the first word. Whether working with non-profits, assisting for-profits, raising a family, or trekking through Africa to offer aid, she is a "woman for all seasons.

    Alan Weiss,Ph.D

    The Million Dollar Consultant ®
    Summit Consulting Group, Inc.

  • Ms. Dyer possesses a rare combination of intelligence, energy, seriousness of purpose, people skills, and a breadth of practical experience that brings people together with ideas, to achieve more than they imagined possible. She is a catalyst for change.

    Professor Peter Erlinder, J.D. Lead Defense Attorney

    UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda,
    William Mitchell College of Law

  • I have known Christina personally for many years, but in my role as the editor for the local newspaper, I worked directly with her in her role as our community coalition director. Christina worked tirelessly to facilitate large scale change that would impact the entire community. She enrolled leaders of the community to commit their time, energy and resources to the federal grants ...

    Pam Monson, Editor

    Free Press Newspapers
    Wilmington, IL

  • In my roles as Police Commissioner for the city of Wilmington, IL and Vice President of the Wilmington Coalition for a Healthy Community Board of Directors, I had the honor of working directly with Christina as she was our Coalition leader.
    I have been a Cook County (Chicagoland) Investigator for 34 years ...

    Commissioner Rich Rizzo

    Cook County Investigator, Police Commissioner for the City of Wilmington
    Chicago, IL

  • Christina is one of the most authentic and perceptive leaders I know. She brought her unique international, non-profit, and corporate experience to the classroom to help each student find and hone their leadership style. She has the ability to push everyone that she comes into contact with to the next level!

    Nakia Green, MSL

    Benedictine University
    Naperville, IL

  • Christina was an excellent instructor who awakened my spirit of servant leadership. I loved the course, the examples, her book selections, and most of all the calmness she brought to class with her music. She gave very good feedback on our presentations. She shared her experiences of working abroad and provided some good recommendations for further reading and development. I really appreciated her ...


    Benedictine University
    Naperville, IL

  • As the (former) Budget Coordinator for the Wilmington Coalition for a Health Community, I worked with Christina closely for over a year and a half. During that time, Christina took the organization from a small town “club” to a well respected community organization that utilizes evidence-based research for its programs and demands measurable outcomes of its projects.  Christina brought a weal ...

    Meri Knauer

    Wilmington Coalition for a Healthy Community
    Wilmington, IL

  • Having worked alongside Christina for several years, I know her to have a warm, confident and intelligent presence. She is a powerful collaborator, who is skilled at working in high stress and resistant environments. Christina consistently inspires positive change with individuals and within the larger system. Christina is an asset for organizations, large and small, looking to advance their effic ...

    Susan Hodne, MSW

    Adoption Services Home Study & Department of Children and Family Services
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Christina was great to work with. She was an inspiring leader who worked tirelessly to start and grow the organization. I was particularly impressed with Christina's management skills and her ability to organize and mobilize large groups of people toward a greater goal. I recommend Christina for any leadership position in any organization.

    Jeff Niles

    Sr. Regional Director of Sales, Shiftwise
    Naperville, IL

  • As a member of the Board of Directors for the Wilmington Coalition for a Healthy Community, I was able to witness Christina's creative problem solving, as well as her ability to motivate people in our community. She faced obstacles head-on and never lost sight of the goals of her work, which were community level change.

    Sherri Michaels

    Wilmington Coalition for a Healthy Community
    Wilmington, IL

  • I have known Christina personally and professionally for many years. She has many worldly experiences gained from her travels, education, nonprofit work and various career experiences. She is always at ease in the presence of others regardless of age, setting or culture, and creates a calm, welcoming environment for anyone around her. The unique experiences she has welcomed into her life, along wi ...

    Michelle Powers, MMT

    Thrive, Inc.
    Diamond, IL

  • I am honored to say that I had the privilege of working alongside Christina for several years. She is a complete professional in every sense of the word. She always has her clients best interests at heart, and is always willing to help others no matter what the situation. She is extremely smart, as well as very kind hearted.

    Laura Coan, Educational Program Director

    Guardian Angel Community Services
    Joliet, IL

  • Christina is a high-energy woman with a strong work ethic A good communicator, quality-oriented. She is an excellent project manager and a good motivator. Top qualities: Great Results, On Time and Creative...A highly-recommended human being.

    Max Brigham

    Team Leader and Marketing Director, Monicals Pizza Corporation
    Bourbonnais, IL

  • Christina blends tough life experiences with heartfelt sincerity and passion for living the best life you can imagine...I highly recommend taking the adventure with her! Your teams will walk away knowing they can accomplish anything!

    Marilyn Shaw

    Independent Business Owner and Entrepreneur

  • Christina Dyer is a gifted speaker that will capture your audience’s hearts and imaginations. Her extensive view of the world lends credence to her presentation topics and she speaks from her heart with sincerity and humor. The presentation she did at our event had her audience both laughing and crying... A truly gifted speaker and presenter!

    Renee Daggers

    Shorewood-Troy Public Library

  • As a member of the Plainfield United Methodist Church I had the pleasure of scheduling Christina as the keynote speaker for our Women's Retreat. During her "Backpacking through Life" presentation, Christina transported her audience to places that she visited with exquisite detail and humor. She achieved a personal connection with the women gathered and all in attendance agreed that Christina Dyer ...

    Jill Gerharz

    Plainfield UMW
    Women's Retreat Committee

  • After staying home to care for my children for seven years, I decided to go back to work part time. I was practically paralyzed by the fear of leaving my two children and starting a new career. Christina's coaching helped me realize that after a brief training period, I can work according to my own schedule and on my own terms. Her program helped me clarify my priorities and redefine my definition ...

    Nita Guell

    VP Southland Development Company
    San Juan Capistrano, CA

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